I have been offered constructive feedback and the opportunity to improve my work. Assessor I declare that I have issued the relevant resource material. I ensured that the student understood the requirements for the completion of this course. The student named above completed the work that is submitted and the work is their own. Student Signature Assessor Date Assignment 1 brief Qualification BITE Level 3 National (90-credit/Extended) Diploma in Applied Science Assignment title Work in the Science Industry Start date 01/09/14 Interim Deadline date Final Deadline date N Walters / D Miracle Learning Outcome(s) 1.
Be able to use mathematical tools in science Mathematical tools: SSL units (length, mass, time, area, volume, density, force); conversions, egg imperial to metric and vice versa; prefixes, egg gig, mega, kilo, decide, cent’, mill’, micro, Anna, Pico; accuracy of data (decimal places and significant figures); fractions; percentages; ratios; standard form; use of scientific calculators Scientific problems involving algebra: transposition of formulae; substitution of equations; simple linear equations, egg involving force and mass (F =ma), speed and distance (v =s/t), mole calculations (n =m/Mr.), voltage and current (V =IR), density and illume (p =MN) Menstruation: standard formulae to solve surface areas, egg total surface area of a cylinder = nor + nor, surface area of a sphere = nor; volume of regular solids, egg volume of a cylinder = Teller, volume of a sphere = 4/nor, volume of a cone = 1/north Scenario You work for a pharmaceutical research company; the company would like to offer assistance and training for a new intake of employees who might find the mathematical demands of their new Job challenging.
In addition to providing helpful guides and resources for these employees you need to produce some assessment trials that will be used to assess whether employees require additional training. The assessment materials you produce will need to include questions and the answers to these questions so that they can be marked and assessed. Criteria Pl : Carry out mathematical calculations using suitable mathematical tools UP: Carry out mathematical calculations using algebra MI: Use standard form to solve science problems MM: Use menstruation to solve scientific problems ODL : Use ratios to solve scientific problems DO: Use algebra to solve scientific problems Tasks for Assignment 1 Completed? Pupil Teacher TASK 1. 1 -(PI) Produce a poster showing commonly used imperial units with examples of their conversion into SSL units.

Include specific examples covering units used in biology, chemistry and physics. Your poster should contain instructions on how to convert these units from imperial to metric and vice versa. Produce a guide to using standard form in science. Use examples relating to the use of standard form in measurements using microscopes in biology measurements of concentration in chemistry distance in physics using the wavelengths of different forms of radiation from the electromagnetic spectrum. In your guide present each example as a problem showing how the solution can be found using standard form. Task 1. 3 – (UP) Produce the 1st of 4 Question Papers that will be used to assess a new employees’ mathematical capability.
In this first paper write 10 questions requiring the use of algebra to solve mathematical problems. Having written the paper you need to write a mark sheet showing the answers and full working out for each question. Task 1. 4 – (MM) The next question paper for assessing employees is based on the use of menstruation. You need to write at least 10 questions in which employees are squired to solve problems involving shape and volume. You must include; 3 Biology, 3 Physics and 3 Chemistry-based questions. Again you should produce a mark sheet in which you clearly show the answers and working out for each question. Task 1. 5 – (ODL) with ratios. 10 Questions should be written covering problems in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Genetics, chemical reactions and moments are topics that lend themselves to questions based on ratios. A mark sheet needs to be produced showing the answers and working out for each question. Task 1. 6- (DO) In the final question paper you should write one Biology, one Physics and one Chemistry problem requiring employees to find a solution using algebra. These three questions should be more complex than previous questions and involve a number of stages in which algebra is needed to find a solution to the problem. A detailed mark sheet is required for this paper showing the solutions to the problems including the working out for each stage of the problem.
This could be from any subject in science but must be collected by the learner. You should include a brief statement stating how the data was collected, as well as a table of results for the data. The table should have borders and show quantities along with the correct units. Task 2. 2 – (MM) Provide a detail description of the stages undergone in the data collection process applied for UP. This description should be for both secondary and primary data. Task 2. 3 – (DO) Compare the different methods of data collection applied in UP and MM (both primary and secondary); The advantages and disadvantages of the methods should be clearly highlighted.
TASK 2. 4 -? (UP) Identify any errors associated with collecting scientific data within an experiment (ideally the experiment used for UP). This could be in the form of a list or a statement. It should include any random and/or systematic errors. Task 2. 5 – (MM) Detail and show how errors were calculated in UP from the experiment conducted in Task 2. 6 – (DO) reduced. It is expected that the errors mentioned in DO will be linked to errors encountered during the same experiment mentioned in UP and MM and ideally linked to UP. Include also a mention of how errors encountered in UP were minimized. Assignment 3 brief Displaying Data 10/09/14 3.
Know about laboratory information management systems Charts: data represented by statistical diagrams (bar charts, pie charts); histograms (continuous and discrete variants) Type of graphs: linear graphs, egg distance time graphs, graphs obeying Ohm’s law (voltage against current); non-linear graphs, egg ate of catalytic reaction against temperature, hydrogen gas given off against time, radioactive decay, bacterial growth Interpretation of data: random data, patterns in data; calculation of the arithmetic mean, mode and median; continuous data, egg rate of production over time, population count of invertebrates or plants; discrete data, egg fingerprint type, shoe size; raw and derived data, egg measure time and distance traveled by a car and calculate (derive) the speed Interpretation of graphs: calculating the gradient of a straight line graph; calculating the area under a straight nine graph; taking tangents of non-linear graphs in order to determine the gradient at a point; explaining trends in both linear and non-linear graphs Scenario You are a trainee microbiological scientist displaying data from an experiment to grow organisms; you will need to show your superiors your competence at handling and comparing collected data with reinforced reliability through including detailed references of error calculations.
Criteria AS: Select the appropriate formats for displaying the scientific data that has been collected UP: Interpret scientific data MS: Interpret the trend in the scientific data collected in an experiment ADS: Calculate scientific quantities from linear and non-linear graphs Tasks for Assignment 3 TASK 3. 1 – (AS) Select an appropriate format of displaying a primary and a secondary set of data. (you may use data collected from UP) Ensure that any plots on your scatter grams and line graphs are accurately plotted on graph paper. In all cases, you should include correct labeling of axis and an appropriate title for your graph. Task 3. 2 – (UP) Provide an interpretation of your collected data (both primary and secondary)

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