written class hw 6 ch 5topic 5.16

 use Memo Formatting and print out copy of memo— (This activity is the beginning of your term project and presentation and we will build onto this project, so choose your topic well. Your topic may be farther reaching than the campus or work, but there must be an issue you wish to investigate.)

Your Task Analyze a problem that exists where you work or go to school such as noisy work areas, an overuse of express mail services, understaffing during peak customer service hours, poor scheduling of employees, inappropriate cell phone use, an inferior or inflexible benefits package, outdated equipment, wasting time on social media instead of working, or one of the campus problems listed in Activity 5.15. Select a problem about which you have some knowledge. Organize the ideas into an outline with three to five main points and numerous subpoints. Be polite, positive, and constructive. E-mail the outline to your boss (your instructor). Include an introduction (such as, Here is the outline you requested in regard to …). Include a closing that offers to share your outline if your boss would like to see it. 

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written class hw 6 ch 5topic 5.16
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