Writing about what would be your dream job…


The purpose of this assignment is to get you to research jobs and industries that may be of interest to you as you look for a job or seek to enhance your career.
1. What would be your dream job – based on your passions and interests? Be specific about what this job would entail.
2. Go to www. oneonline.org. Search for industries or career clusters. Identify one industry and one or more career clusters that may be of interest to you. Within each, identify the jobs that look closest to your dream job. You should make sure that these jobs fall in Job Zone 4 or above – those that require at least a bachelor’s degree.
3. For each job that you have identified, go to Linked In and search for jobs with that title. Read through the position descriptions.
4. Go to the online library and using the databases that were demonstrated in class last week, research the industry that you have identified.
5. Based on the research that you have done in oneonline.org, LinkedIn and the Online library, write 2-3 pages that answer these questions for ONE type of career/ job that you have identified. Be sure to clearly state the job and industry that you are referring to.
a. Why did you choose this job/occupation and how does it relate to your dream job (see 1 above)?
b. What is the current market demand for this career/occupation
c. Is there an area of the country where people in this field are concentrated?
d. What kind of training is required to work in this field?
e. What skills do people in this field rely upon most?
f. What additional credentials would enhance a person’s credibility in this field
g. How well do your talents and interests match what is required in this field?
h. What do people in this career field do during a day?
i. What generally are the working conditions?
j. What values do the people in this field appear to hold? How well do they match yours?
k. Who are the leading figures, companies, organizations and/or institutions in this field? (This is important – please be sure to research and answer this question.)
l. How much do people in this field earn at entry level, mid-career, top level?
m. What if any are the negative aspects of this profession?
Please be sure to cite the sources from where you got your information.

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Writing about what would be your dream job…
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