writing about ethical

Your post must include at least three full paragraphs of writing to ensure your writing is substantive, robust, and sufficiently detailed. Be sure to explain your answers, include some examples to support your points, and reference some of the resources provided for you this week and others you seek out on your own. 

How might wearable technologies be advantageous to you personally and to society in general? And, on the flip-side, what risks, disadvantages, or ethical dilemmas might it pose (again, for you in your own life and for society in general)?
What are the implications of wearable technologies for education or learning: what positive and negative affects might they have, what potential might they hold? Draw from some of the examples offered in the Borthwick, et al. reading.
What are two key points presented in the article you chose from the LiveScience website? Be prepared to share the link to the article, briefly explain it, and share two key points.

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writing about ethical
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