Write an introduction and conclusion of topic of the benefit of lavender

My project is about lavender, so please write an introduction including what is major use of lavender and its herbal cure and benefit . Second write an overall thoughtful conclusion of lavender including a positive feedback and recommendation of using lavender because of its usefulness. Should be 1000 words for both intro and conclusion.

Write the intro and conclusion for the entire project.
You have now researched all aspects of your plant. It is time to write an introduction and a meaningful conclusion and make recommendations (or not) for its use. Back up your recommendations! This should be about 1000 words total.
An excellent introduction is really important to set the tone for the paper. A thoughtful conclusion with personal recommendation is the final icing on your cake. It wraps everything up in a nice package and summarizes what the reader has learned. It is a very important part of a professional-sounding paper. Bringing in a personal connection when appropriate gives the reader a chance to know you through your opinions. 

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Write an introduction and conclusion of topic of the benefit of lavender
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