Write a Synopsis

  1. Write up a short synopsis of the article. Tell me what motivated the study, the hypothesis for the study, a simple description of what they did, the results and conclusion, and the implications of the findings. Keep it short, 1 page (250-500 words). IMPORTANT: BE SURE TO INCLUDE A REFERENCE FOR THE ARTICLE AND THE BACKGROUND CITATIONS ON THE SYNOPSIS. You will lose points it you don’t. 
  2. Use API or other appropriate formatting style. Look up some background information for the Introdution. Include complete references for the short article that you are reviewing and any articles that you reference in your background. Then, look up the journal article that describes the original research study. You can find this information online through detective work by pasting keywords or author info that you find in the short article into PubMed (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed (Links to an external site.)). You may not be able to download the whole article, but you will be able to find the publication information (complete list of authors, title, journal info, date of publication, etc.). Download and rad this file:  Helpful tips- Locating journal articles and citations, formatting references.docPreview the documentView in a new window
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Write a Synopsis
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