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“Leonardo, the Renaissance Master” Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

Describe the moment captured in Leonardo’s Last Supper painting, and  discuss the reasons why disciples are shown on the same side of the  table. Describe the most well-known techniques that Leonardo used to  give more realism to the painting. Next, discuss one (1) of Leonardo’s  inventions (or proposed inventions) that most fascinates or surprises  you, and explain why. Compare Leonardo to some modern figure of the 20th  or 21st century.

Leonardo da Vinci

Partial restoration of the Last Supper at
Images, article, and 16th century copy of the Last Supper at
Leonardo’s work in science and invention at (scroll down to thumbnail photos; click to enlarge and read more information)

You have 4 issues to address… 1) describe the moment captured by da Vinci in the Last Supper mural, and discuss the reasons he placed all the disciples where he did, 2) describe the most, well known techniques da Vinci used to bring realism to this painting, 3) discuss the invention of da Vinci that most surprises you and explain why, and finally, 4) compare  da Vinci to a “modern” figure of the 20th or 21st century.  Note the  highlighted verbs for each issue. These are the clues to how you should  begin thinking about your response and how you will design and develop  it.

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