Discussion 1: Ergonomics in the Workplace

There are many diseases and conditions that are considered part of everyday life and yet when it comes to workers’ compensation claims, injuries may still be the subject of a claim for compensation. Most often, those diseases such as arthritis, heart conditions and exposure to toxins like cigarette smoke and household chemicals are not easily connected to work related stressors.
Based on your readings for the week, answer the following questions:

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Is carpal tunnel syndrome an occupational disease?
When can it be considered as one?
Under which circumstances would it not be considered an occupational disease? Analyze with relevant examples.

Discussion 2: Occupational Disease

There are some clear cases when the occupational disease will be present and other times when the clarity is not present. Determining when it is clear can mean the claimant has some form of relief.
You are an employer of an employee who works with chemicals that can be inhaled in spite of protective measures. The employee has Hepatitis C, which compromises his immune system. Later he contracts chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Is this an occupational disease? Why or why not? Support your answer with reason and relevant examples. 

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