work 2

Write a short essay (1000 words) on one of the suggested topics. 

-Use the popular media to identify information relevant to the topic.
-In one paragraph, explain how you selected the source(s) of information.
-Cite your sources properly.

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work 2
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-What is GINA? How does it prevent genetic discrimination about pre-symptomatic testing for genetic disease? How did GINA solve that? What are its two parts? What are its limitations?

-Is there a right to medical care or it is a matter of market to decide who gets it? Explain what each alternative would look like in medicine and what would be their advantages and disadvantages. Note that a “right to” something entails an obligation on the part of someone else to do (or pay for) some action, whereas a “right from” something may only involve letting the person alone. The latter is sometimes called a “negative right” or “right of non-interference, “the former a “positive right” or a “right to a benefit.”

Assess the student’s “ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly use and share that information for the problem at hand.”

To receive credit for an essay assignment a student must respond to a specific prompt and the response must

(a) be written in clear, cohesive and grammatical English
(b) address, in a straightforward way, the issue raised by the prompt.
(c) contain a bare minimum of quoted material (* AT MOST 10% * of the total number of words of the assignment can be quotation)
(d) be original work (not plagiarized). Please, remember that all papers are run through Turnitin software that checks for originality.

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