Who We Are

Course Project Part 2: Who We Are In Unit VII, you will submit an essay titled Team Building at ________. The final essay will be multiple pages and will include four different components. Each unit, you will complete an additional component/concept for the final essay. The final essay will not be simply adding the four components together, but it will be a culmination of lessons learned in creating each component. In Unit IV, you wrote an essay analysis of your current work environment titled Team Building at _____: My Analysis. For Unit V, write a two-page essay titled Team Building at ________: Who We Are. This essay will be a breakdown of your current work environment using the following headings: Norms, Group goals, Roles, and Communication patterns. During your time with your organization, how do you see these four qualities evolving? What has changed and/or what is changing? What is there about these qualities that make your place of employment unique? How does the current state of each quality impact teamwork? Be sure to use traditional essay structure: introductory paragraph, several paragraphs in the body of the essay, a solid concluding paragraph, and a list of references. You are required to use a minimum of two outside sources. Use APA guidelines for all your in-text citations and reference listings. 

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Who We Are
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