What it is like to be young and a teenager!

From when you turn from twelve to thirteen you have become a teenager; you have rights and responsibilities now!!
At the age of a teenager you might think the whole world is in front of you, which it is, but there are big demands. When I became one I thought wow, I am a teenager, but now after being one for 3 and a bit years I am starting to realise that it isn’t so great after all. I have heard that your teenage years are supposed to be some of the best years of your life, is that so?
At the age of thirteen I have left primary school and have now faced the big girls and boys at high school. Two years passed and the work rate increased.

In year nine the first of many challenges has started, your Key Stage 3 SAT’s, at this time you think its ages until I sit in this same sports hall and do your real GCSE’s which for some people, will be the start of a completely new chapter in the life of a teenager.
So far in being a teenager all that has happened is a lot of work, but there are some privileges of being a teenager at the age of sixteen you have the right to go out and buy a packet of cigarettes legally, you are also able to have sex and even have and raise a baby, but it is not till you are eighteen that you are allowed to have a credit card, or buy alcohol legally. Are these good privileges? Or not?
Just before you take the GCSE tests you have to decide what you want to do. The decision is your own and the correct one needs to be made, the pressures are now starting to become apparent and it can be a stressful time for some that feel that they have to perform well. There are others who are thinking if only I had listened that little bit or a lot extra in class instead of messing around or talking with friends, and of course there are the people who go into the hall and think I have nothing to lose I don’t need many passes, because what I want to be you don’t need grades and all I can do is my best. The pressure at this stage are not just on the pupils, the teachers may sometimes be as nervous, and they may be thinking did I teach the write things and did we revise the correct thing which will come up.
These are all things to do with school, but you do usually spend 32 hours and 55 minutes in the place.
At these ages peer pressure can become a big part of someone’s life the things that stick in your head could be “Everyone’s doing it”, “Its only one”, “Your such a loser”, “Chicken” and no one at this age wants to be left out and on there own. Is this really what being a teenager is like?
So maybe being young isn’t as good as it sounds!!

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What it is like to be young and a teenager!
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