What exactly is critical thinking?

Critacal thinking is neither cold nor despassina ie although It cvan slow down on activity because one evaluates the issue on something at hjand in all the foul four dimension necessary for the righ methods of critical thinking-meaning discipline, vision and passion the way these four elements are potrayed in everything we set our minds about is very important. The best way to handle assumptions in critical thinking isdigging deeper into the situation. Deos you heart fe a passion for this isues?

You mind should visualize and your consciiesnce get meaning in this issue at hand and youshould also feel at ease and within you displine’s any assumptions that creap in should never be ignored because they can blur one’s live of thinking critical right. In critical thinking there are both negative and positive emotions that set in as one see success on ones sides and failure on the other, the way to handle them is looking out for which outweighs the other and that’s why it is even more important not to ignore them.

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What exactly is critical thinking?
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Personal at tributes importance thinking styles and urgencies are forces behind that influences a problem identification process because our characters trades give us the important of the issue at hand perception and the urgency of the problem are considered. An intelligent person unravels a problem with wisdom and vice versa, a person with a rational way at looking at a problem will identify it accordingly. If a problem is one critical needs to be identified it is given a priority as well as the urgency it deserves.
Trade of analysis alternative generations fallacy avoidance and criteria identification are the points that should be considered in solution selection, because they are inner making of a business and correctly identified and used in the solution they can propel a business to higher heights. The three making tools are the mind, the heart and the soul. The mind sets the vision one has for the business but at time it can misled one through the wrong direction by setting to high goals or very low goals.
The heart helps one to pick the line of the business he or she is passionate about but at times may choose a poor line through misguided passion. The soul gives one meaning in the kind of business one chooses to undertake through conscience based on evaluations but it can fail one especially one the turn out are low or the economy is strained. Ethical implication in decision making including personal responsibilities legal compliance and moral standards because going against these elements means lack of discipline.
In management negotiation of the outcome of the action managers should minimize risk at all cost because any single actions that cause a financial drain to the company because of a risk undertaken unnecessarily some up to poor management in evaluating decisions managers should consider a intended consequences and the organization ability to survive with the result because all the negative consequences brings a loss to the company. Decision making is a process that undergoes several stages of evaluation before the final outcome is given- the mind, heart , soul and one physical outlook on a problem at hand.

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