Well written article

The article ;s written by Status Manuals Abdullah Kasbah. The article presents the factors of gangsters in worldwide. The article is well-written article because the writer use facts In Its article, the arguments are supported by strong and systematic evidences and the references used are relevant and current. First, it is a well-written article because the article provides factual information.
Paragraph 3 show It when the article provide that The Imprint Period up to the age of even, we are like sponge, absorbing everything around us and accepting much of it as true. This statement is a fact. Next, the article says The Modeling Period between the ages of eight and thirteen, we copy people, often from our parents, but also other people. The Solicitation Period between 13 and 21, we are largely Influenced by our peers. The statement provided by the article are all facts because all of children faced it and it cannot be deniable.
Secondly, the article Is well-written article because the arguments In this article are supported by strong and systematic evidences. This Is shown in Paragraph 5 which It stated that on average, a typical Canadian child will watch about 22 hours of television per week and this adds up to more time spent watching television that time spent at school, playing sports or communicating with family and friends. Next, the article stated that In America, gangs formed before War of Independence.

In Paragraph 6, it stated that it has been recently estimated that there are more than 24,500 gangs and over 772,500 gangs members in the U. S. The general age rang of youth gang members is between the age of 14-24. The article also provided that the rent study analyzes the relationship between gang membership and socio- demographic characteristics, neighborhood disorientation theory, social bond theory, social train theory, differential association theory, and self-control theory in order to provide insight Into the etiology of gang membership.
Lastly. The article is a well-written article because the references used are relevant and current. As example, in Paragraph 5, it refers to Miller (1992) which defines a street gang as “a self-formed association of peers, united by mutual interests, with Identifiable leadership and internal organization, who act collectively or as Individuals to achieve specific purposes, Including the conduct of Illegal activity and control of a particular territory, facility or enterprise.
Then, it refers to gang violence which refers to mostly those illegal and non-political acts of violence perpetrated by gangs against innocent people, property, or other gang violence at some point In Its history-Hipics and African Americans are more likely than other ethnic groups to be gang members refers from Speller, 1990. Male gang members engage in more crime than their counterpart female gang members (Messier, 1985). Gang socially depressed Moonstone, 1983).
Jackson’s (1990) also noted that youth may Join a gang for material reasons, recreation, a hide out or avoid legal problem, physical protection, and to gain autonomy from authority figures . In conclusion, the article is well-written article because the writer use facts in its article, the arguments are supported by strong and systematic evidences and the references used are relevant and current. The criteria of the article is mostly well- written without assumption without proof, and another characteristics that avoid the article from a poor-written article

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Well written article
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