Week 6 Assignment

The case study, Transfer Pricing at Cameco Corporation (Busaba, Ben Youssef, and Khan, 2014), explores a transfer price disagreement between a company, Comeco, and the Canadian government. Comeco is contesting the decision of the Canadian Revenue Authority (CRA), but it will be years before a final decision is reached through legal channels.
By Day 7
After reading the Comeco case study provided in your Learning Resources, submit a 2 page memo that provides the following:

Summarize the basis of the allegations made by the CRA.
Provide your explanation as whether you think allegations are correct based your assessment of facts presented in the case study. Support your answer.
Identify who within the company is responsible for ensuring that the transfer prices conform to the CRA’s requirements. Why do you think so?
Explain the adjustments Comeco should make to prevent a similar situation from happening in the future.

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Week 6 Assignment
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General Guidance on Assignment Length: Your assignment typically will be 2  pages, excluding a title page and references. APA Format

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