Week 3

  Please list and label each discussion question separately. 100 words for each.
Topic 3 DQ 1 
In American society, what would happen if all of the wealth were equally distributed among its citizens? How would this equal economic distribution affect education, healthcare, jobs? Defend your answer.

Topic 3 DQ 2 
List three consequences to the affordable housing crisis and identify at least one social problem related.

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Week 3
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  Social Stratification Part I: Class
Write 750-1,000 word analysis on social stratification regarding inequality and class
Choose a social institution (you will be using the same social institution for all of the stratification assignments) to describe and analyze the effect that the stratification element of class has on that social institution. Include the following in your analysis:
1. Explain how social roles, positions, and class status impact the social institution.
2. Identify a form of class inequality associated with the social institution and use theoretical perspectives to explain the social behaviors that perpetuate the inequality.
3. Suggest measures for the social institution to implement to help alleviate the class inequality you identified.
Provide a minimum of three to five scholarly sources to support your analysis and conclusion. Additionally, you will need to include Statistical Data on the expression of stratification regarding inequality and class within the social institution.

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