week-2 Discussion

There are three Questions. First question make it three Discussion and other question make it two discussion each.
It should be seven. And also give some example.
Regression (graded)

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week-2 Discussion
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1. Suppose you are given data from a survey showing the IQ of each person interviewed and the IQ of his or her mother. That is all the information that you have. Your boss has asked you to put together a report showing the relationship between these two variables. What could you present and why?

1: Discussion
2: Discussion
3: Discussion

Cell Biology (graded)
2. DNA is the “blueprint,” not only for the organism, but for all the parts of the cell. How does DNA dictate the functions of a particular cell? (By the production of proteins!) But how does a cell produce proteins? This week, we’ll discuss how DNA functions as a blueprint for the cell by looking at the relationship between genes and proteins, but we have to crawl before we walk! Let’s begin by taking a close look at the cell, identifying all cellular organelles along with their role in the cell. Let’s get started!

1: Discussion
2: Discussion

The Integumentary System (graded)
3. Skin creams that claim to stop the process of aging is a billion dollar business. What are the differences between young and old skin? What factors can impact the aging process? What are some of the ingredients in these skin creams that make these claims? What do you think, do they work?

1: Discussion
2: Discussion

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