United States Declaration of Independence and People

PLS201 Reading Notes 1 Concepts of Politics and American Politics STUDY: Lecture Notes 1, and We the People, chapter 1 Be informative, rigorous, critical. Provide specific, page-indicated references to the text. NOTE1A 15 lines.
In chapter one of We the People the authors address the question of how government is made up of the institutions and procedures by which people are ruled in terms of four propositions: 1) Different forms of government are defined by power and freedom; 2) Limits on government encourage freedom; 3) Expansion of participation in America changed the political balance; 4) The goal of politics is having a say in what happens. Organize your paragraph into four or five sentences identifying the main characteristics of these concepts, as established by the authors.
The authors present a concept where the amount of power the government holds and how much freedom people have defines different forms of government. When comparing a Monarchy versus a Democracy, we can clearly see the differences within the two forms of government. Within a Monarchy, supreme power is bestowed upon one individual whereas Democracy is based on a principle of equality and freedom. The limitations placed upon the government allow the people to have a voice in politics while strengthening the principle above.

This balance of power gives the people the ability to voice their opinions. Rather than being another “person” within a society, Americans are citizens who can influence the government in many ways. This expansion of participation lead to more people having legal rights to participate in politics where they can vote, send letters, lobby, and participate in protest marches and demonstrations. All of this ties back to how American Democracy, unlike many other forms of government, aims to give people a voice while developing the meaning behind “we the people. ”
NOTE1B 10 lines. In this same chapter one, the following section examines how the identity of Americans has changed over time, the impact of diversity and race, but in the end, the authors observe, “the country still confronts the question of who are the Americans“. Explain, please, what is this about, what is at stake, how do the authors explain it. Even though the American government focuses on the principle of equality and freedom and giving people a voice within this government, they still stumble on a simple question of who are the Americans and what defines them.
The government faces a constant flow of immigrants and increasing ambiguity of racial categories raising challenging questions about politics and governing arrangements. Population growth has also spurred debates on how congressional districts should be apportioned. The paradox of the American identity is that although America is a melting pot of different traditions, ethnic backgrounds, and ideology, there are nevertheless distinctive qualities that define who Americans are. The diversity of citizens created what America became, a country developed from the ideas of equality and freedom. NOTE1C 15 lines.
Concluding chapter one, the authors make an interesting declaration, that America is built on the ideas of liberty, equality, and democracy. They then discuss it in terms of four propositions: 1) that liberty means freedom, 2) that equality means treating people fairly, 3) democracy means that what the people want matters, 4) that American political values conflict. Okay, now, read it and summarize the main of these concepts, about 3-line each. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” in the Declaration of Independence exemplifies the inalienable rights which is based on the idea that all men are created equal.
For Americans, liberty is “freedom from government control, and also economic freedom. ” Going back to the idea of limited powers within government to allow freedom, the people have the right to alter or abolish the government to institute a new one for their safety and happiness. When thinking in terms of equality, it can be interpreted in different ways. Equality of opportunity allows the people to reach their fullest potential and political equality refers to the right to participate in politics where every person can vote.
In addition to this, political authority rests in the hands of the people, also known as popular sovereignty. The idea of majority rule with minority rights also plays a key role within the government because it allows for the preference of the majority of voters but still protects the interests of the minority. (21) Conflict helps set policies and laws because it considers both sides of any argument and prevents any discrimination against the disabled, elderly, etc. A NOTE ON FORMAT
This is a 1- to 2-page, typewritten, single-spaced, font 12 reading note. Write your note where it says text and according to the indicated lines, etc. Your note must reflect you have read and are referring in your writing to the study materials established for this course unit. All references must be credited by indicating the page number in parenthesis. Edit your text before printing it. Once you are sure you are done with the assignment, check that your name and date are written above, print it, and bring it to class as scheduled.

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