To Dr. Clover (2nd Response Needed For Unit 3 Week 2)

I plan to research the necessary material to continue to work on and complete the assigned course work for each of the 4 preceding units in an effort to develop incrementally the comprehensive assignment due in Unit 5. At this time, I am on task and aim to keep up the momentum as we move through the weeks to come. With that stated I am employing everything available to me to gain insight and understanding of the prescribe material needed to complete the overarching project of Unit 5, from classmate posts, and our Professor’s guidance, and feedback, to research conducted utilizing the internet and AIU library. Below is the preliminary outline of what will become my Unit IP deliverable:
Unit 5IP-Preliminary Outline:
I-  APA formatted title page
II-  Executive summary: an explanation of why the paper has been compiled outlining the central point/discussion of the paper.
III-  Introduction: Paragraph describing the five sections of the paper, to be presented in the concise format of simple sentences with direct explanations.
IV-  Body: this will be the expounded format of the introduction section; with each division being the tweaked version of the 4 unit assignments and the 5th assignment inclusive, as bulleted below:
·  Benefits and Compensation
·  Diversity Issues
·  Employee Relations
·  Talent Management
·  Technology
V-  Conclusion: a summary of what the paper has discussed, the findings therein identified about Human Resource processes as uncovered through the study of an established organization.
VI-  References: APA formatted reference page.

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To Dr. Clover (2nd Response Needed For Unit 3 Week 2)
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