Tips for Good Essay Writing

What to Consider

There are four elements that are essential for good essay writing These elements include the writer, the topic of discussion, the reader and the formal properties of the language being used. Getting the balance right depends on you, the writer, how you respond to particular circumstances, and partly on traditions of expressions which grow in certain disciplines, colleges, and universities. In writing you must pay attention to the choice of one word in preference to another, and proper structuring of sentences while placing emphasis in your paragraphs. Your own point of view must emerge, not as a mere opinion but as a justified judgement. Your subject matter must be comprehensive and precise as the essay topic demands. From the range of ideas and information found in your reading, you are required to create a unified view. So, read carefully and ensure that your language clarifies the information and ideas you find in your various sources.

For you to be able to present their work in the appropriate fashion for academic readers, teachers and professors, you must learn and be conversant with various convections of academic writing. You must try and work out what your own answer to the essay question might be having debated it with the books and other sources of information. Then convey the results of this engagement clearly to your professor bearing in mind that because of what he or she already knows, needs to be convinced that your own answer is a rational one.

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