Thesis for a research paper

he purpose of this assignment is to try to help you to see writing as it is—an important means of communication. To accomplish this, please analyze your research topic more fully by identifying your thesis statement and carefully considering your rhetorical situation.   Remember: your challenge in the research paper is to communicate your purpose clearly to your reader.

Place your thesis statement at the top of the page, below the required heading, and answer the questions shown in the box below. Be sure that the questions are copied to your assignment; each question should be followed by a one to two paragraph answer. The purpose of this assignment is to help direct your research and organize your thinking on the topic.   Remember that your thesis statement should be a single, complete sentence that is NOT a question. 
Write your thesis statement here (one complete sentence that is not a question):
Write paragraphs that respond to the questions below: 

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Thesis for a research paper
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What research question(s) led me to this thesis statement?
What is my purpose in writing this paper?
What do I already know about my topic?  What are my feelings toward this topic?
What do my readers already know? What are my readers’ feelings toward the topic?
What do my readers need to know to understand my point?
What information do I need to research and add to my paper?

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