The Royal Wedding

“It’s a great moment for Britain, a moment when everyone is celebrating and it’s being watched round the world where people will see lots of things they love about Britain” David Cameron said. Catherine Middleton went into Westminster Abbey at 11am and came out an hour later, holding the hand of the second in line to the throne as her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. At the moment of their wedding, the Queen gave a title to Prince William as Prince William of Wales. The couple couldn’t stop smiling at each other.
Later, appearing on the balcony at Buckingham Palace to give each other the required kiss to please the watching crowd and the 2 billion watchers at home (Photo in top). There was another surprise as the William and Catherine appeared later in his dad Charles 40 year old Aston Martin. It was a grey but bright day in central London. No sign during the morning of the showers that had threatened to break the month’s good weather there was an estimate that up to a million people had congregated, half of them in the Mall.
In the only slight sign of trouble, a small group of protesters had gathered in Soho Square but were caught up without getting near. Overnight several protesters had camped outside the Abbey and along the edge of St James Park. From early morning thousands came in with parents carrying picnic bags and backpacks and children with flags and painted faces and even party costumes. Families had all come together and many elders and young people had arrived they were many tourists.

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The Royal Wedding
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