The Rational Decision Making Model

You are responsible for submitting an Applied Paper based on a real or hypothetical management-related issue relevant to your own (either current or former) workplace and has a potential solution. The paper topic could deal with any issue(s) related to the four management areas of planning, organizing, leading or controlling discussed in the textbook. It should be prepared as if it were an internal consulting report to be presented to the organization’s managerial decision makers.

The paper format should follow the six Steps in the Rational Decision-Making.

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The Rational Decision Making Model
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Process found in Table 4.1 in Chapter 4 (page 106):

1) Identify the issue and define the decision situation
2) Identify at least two alternative solutions
3) Evaluate pros and cons of each alternative solution
4) Select and recommend one of the alternative solutions and state your rationale
5) Discuss how you would implement the solution
6) Discuss how you would follow up (evaluate) its effectiveness.

There should be a minimum of three scholarly citations (at least one from a textbook chapter related to the topic and two from other sources – see library link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.), properly cited using APA format (see link on course website), and be a minimum of 1000 words (approx. 5 pages), double spaced, in 12 pt. font. 

Students are also required to include an Assignment Cover Sheet (see Appendix). 

See Embedded Rubric for Applied Paper for grading criteria.

Submission Instructions:

Complete and submit the assignment online in a Word document. 
Grading Rubric: Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.

Please complete the paper by answering the questions of section III Leading.

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