“The Nature of Comedy”

1. After examining the three charts on comedy (Morreall’s, Fowler’s, and “The Nature of Comedy”), choose two aspects of comedy, discuss and elaborate how these aspects are seen in Tartuffe. 

2.  Contrast Orgon and the king as authority figures in Tartuffe.

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“The Nature of Comedy”
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3.  Discuss Orgon as a dynamic character in this play–what specifically and significantly changes and how can you tell?

4.  There are a number of themes central to the development of Moliere’s Tartuffe.  Discuss three of the themes highlighted below, demonstrate how it is developed, and determine the significance it has in relationship to underscoring the meaning of the play as a whole.

  • The Position / Status of Women
  • The reason as a Superior Guide for Human Behavior
  • The Tension between Religious Devotion vs. Religious Fanatics

As you discuss these points, provide specific references to the text (and cite them) as evidence to support your expressed opinions/answers to these questions. You will always need to cite specific examples from the literature to support opinions.  Please follow the instructions.

Textbook: The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Author: Martin Puchner, Gen. Ed. Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company, Edition: 4th (Vols. D, E, and F). 

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