The Movie Amistad

The movie Amistad is a great movie that shows us exactly what happened back in the day. The movie helped us connect with them and feel sympathetic for them. The movie made me very emotional just seeing how they were treated and were considered to be objects. It was extremely sad to see but it showed me how lucky I am and the advantages we have as a society.
It showed us exactly what they went through and I believe it is extremely accurate and is very effective in showing the way slaves were treated. It showed us the way slavery and the American judicial system worked during the Antebellum period. The movie was also very entertaining and educational at the same time.
I have seen many movies about race and slavery but Amistad really did it for me. There was something about the way it was made and how good of a job Steven Speilberg showed emotion on the actors faces and body language. The movie also provided many realistic and believable scenes that made me feel like I was there. The opening scene where the slaves took over La Amistad made me take a step back and think. It didn’t seem possible that the slaves would take over the ship. But after I thought it through it became more likely in my head that it

actually happened. Considering the number of slaves that were on the ship versus the number of slave traders. Amistad showed how the African Americans stuck together through the toughest times. They stuck together and remained one until they were free and reunited with their families.
What had me furious was that they kept on going back to trial after being granted their freedom. Even though they were illegally captivated they were still being mistreated because of their color and nothing else. This showed me that if that was the case for white Americans then they would be freed and not punished. However, because they were people of color they cannot be justified in front of anyone no matter the case. Even though they were granted freedom after the third trial, it was still sad to see what they had to go through to be granted liberty that all men and women of color or not should have.
Like i said earlier, this made me so much more appreciative of my freedom and liberty of today’s society. Sure, there is still racism and inhumane actions happening around the world, but definitely10 not as much as it was going on back then. At least now we have a powerful voice and we can speak up and make changes. Not only do we have a voice as people, but also the African American community has an extremely powerful voice. Whether its from Hollywood to sports to politics, African Americans can speak up and cause immense change in our society.

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