The Google Rabbit Hole

For this first week’s assignment, you should conduct an exploration of Google images.  This is intended to be a “rabbit hole” activity – that is to say that you should enjoy the journey as a key part of the activity, without any specific “goal” or end result in mind.  
 Here is what you should do:
1) Go to Google and search for the phrase “technology and art.”  Then switch the results to “images” and begin to look at what shows up.  
2) Note that there are various categories across the top (contemporary, design, fantasy, etc.) and also that when you click to view an image, there is a “view more” option that allows you to view more similar images.  
3) Be free-wheeling with it…you aren’t looking for anything specific – just trying to see what is there and what you find interesting and/or unique.  
4) When you find images that you like, save them in a Word document (you can either save the image itself into the document or you can simply copy and paste the link).   After each image (or link) in the Word document, you should type a couple key words or sentences that come to mind for you when you view the image.   This can be groups of words, partial sentences or phrases – a description of why you like the image, etc.  It doesn’t need to be a polished paragraph or anything like that!  
5) You should choose a minimum of 5 images with accompanying text but could go up to 10 if you choose.   Save the Word document and submit it here by midnight on Sunday 1/20.  

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The Google Rabbit Hole
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