The business & Proprietor’s Background

The business will be called “The Coffee Hall”. It is a single proprietorship operation owned by Sahim Shastri. “The Coffee Hall” will cater to the budget conscious young urban professionals and other sectors of the society of a mega urban market segment. Sahim Shastri is 40 years old and has been a restaurant professional for 20 years. She is married with two children. Her husband is an accountant working in a consultancy firm. She has evolved into the multifarious aspect of restaurant management and operation.
She strongly believes she is equipped with the skills and experience to establish and operate her own coffee shop because of her solid foundation; the consent of her husband; the support of her family and her good network connection in the restaurant supply industry. She has totally assessed hers and her family’s emotional and psychological confidence towards pursuing her own business. (Barrow, Brown, Molian and Burke, 2004:23-32) Feasibility and Marketing Background: Mumbai’s total population of about 17 million is more than a statement of bustling metropolitan life.
As the melting pot of India, it houses and caters extremely diverse way of life; demographics; business opportunities; tourist potentials; breeding ground of intercultural and intersocial activities. (The Official Website of Mumbai, 2009) “The Coffee Hall” is envisioned to begin its pilot outlet by the Malabar Hills area. The area is very active with tourists, with students and with employed professionals that works by the business district of Nariman Point. The rest of the market segments come from the commuter crowd and some residential areas around Malabar Hills.

As the initial location, Malabar Hills fit in into the need of visibility. It is further considered that there is a good volume of pedestrian traffic. Furthermore, the cost of rent in the area is reasonable in propensity to the volume of business that such active area can support “The Coffee Hall”. The necessary consultations with real estate brokers have already been established and it has been confirmed that Malabar Hills will be suitable and viable. Therefore, choosing such business location will augment the vision of the projected business.
(Pakroo & Caputo, 2008:49-57) An introductory, launching print advertisement will be placed. Print advertisements could be repeated every two months. Other launching activities will be conducted, like, during the opening ceremonies there will be an open house for selected invitees who are members of prospective proponent groups. For example: officials of civil society clubs and organizations; parent-teachers association officials; some press people; some student council officials of major colleges.
In addition, “The Coffee Hall” will look into participation in social, sports and civic events through sponsorships in kind or in cash. Printing, publication and distribution of intermittent information flyers and mailers will be disseminated through appropriate nearby communities and through a liaison with supermarket and grocery outlets. “The Coffee Hall” will institute group pricing packages and campaigns. For example: a group order of ten large cups of cappuccino during weekdays, the guests will be provided with complimentary basic side dish like a slice of pizza or a slice of mocha cake or a piece of pie.
Meanwhile, any individual order of any size of cappuccino will be complimented with one free cookie – at any time. Another campaign will be instituted during the initial six months of operation within the concept of purchase bonus points. After every total meal receipt of Rs. 500/ the guest is entitled to one cup of any kind of coffee he/she so desires – for free. All through out the p of the services of “The Coffee Hall” a drive-through counter will available for motorists on the go.
A call-in home delivery will also be provided within 1 km radius from Malabar Hills. The ambiance of “The Coffee Hall” will be augmented with a basic, background entertainment through cable television within the indoor-dining area; sense-surround pipe-in music within the garden outdoor dining area; wi-fi internet access. There will be ample provisions of daily newspapers and a few social and business magazines. In general, the feasibility and marketing vision of “The Coffee Hall” hinges on the segment of the market that it will derive from the location.
It has likewise considered the different kind of customers that the location will produce. “The Coffee Hall” has already established the menu quality and content that will its food; drinks and services distinctive. The advertising and promotional campaigns will take into consideration what other coffee shop outlets are serving. How and what they do will serve as a guideline towards their weaknesses. Thus, “The Coffee Hall” will create a competitive edge. (Adams, 1996:73-76)

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