Team WK5

The assignment we will work on is for the project I chose to use for my Individual Assignment. Which is a Wal-Mart Remodeling Project. This project is a simple project that entails the process of an store / building expansion which added additional areas to create the transformation from a regular general Wal-mart Store into a Wal-mart Supercenter store. Wal-mart has been on-going in this process to turn “all” of its regular stores into Supercenters.
Writing maybe only be 475 words to complete this assignment.

Determine appropriate informal strategies to influence the success of the project above. 
Consider the following:
· Organizational change
· Reward systems

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Team WK5
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Develop a control strategy for the project proposal.
Address the following component in the control strategy:
· Project evaluation

Here’s a link to one of the references used that gives additional information on Wal-mart:
Attached is the Project Proposal, grading rubric and a reference link above.

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