T2 – Buisness Research Proposal


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T2 – Buisness Research Proposal
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Business Research Proposal

This week’s assignment is the first assignment for your business research paper/project, the first of many assignments (since most assignments from this week on will be related to the project that you are proposing here). This week you are going to propose your chosen healthcare administration-related business research topic in 500 words or less, define the research questions and hypothesis, and define some specific aspects of your topic. The following criteria must be met:

  • You need to definitively state the healthcare administration-related issue or barrier you are focusing on in a problem statement.
  • In your proposal you must address the 4 following criteria
    • Describe the health care administration issue or barrier.
      • Specifically, what the healthcare administration-related issue/barrier you are are focusing on, and why it is important/necessary to focus on.
    • Summarize the stakeholders affected by the health care issue or barrier.
      • This is where you are describing which people specifically are affected by this issue/barrier
    • Discuss the relevance the health care administration problem as it relates to business research.
      • Since healthcare is basically run like a business, define the business related aspects of this issue/barrier
    • Provide a quantitative or qualitative article that supports your proposed topic.
  • This is a writing intensive class, therefore strong writing skills (including strong spelling, grammar, word usage skills) and a strong knowledge of the APA Style.
  • Properly cite the source(s) of your information for your paper directly after you use that information in your timeline, and list those sources in a properly formatted reference section.
    • Consult the GCU APA Style Guide (Resources -> Student Success Center -> The Writing Center) for detailed information related to citations and reference section formatting
  • Be sure to review the grading rubric prior to creating your paper to ensure that you know what is expected for each section and how each section is weighted in terms of points.
  • You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin, but if you do not I will submit it for you. You are still not allowed to have a TII report score greater than 20% (this will result in an automatic failure for the assignment).
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