SWOT Analysis -Module 2

Now that you  are at your new job, your employer is contemplating making a major  change to the company and is trying to determine the potential impact  this change could have, and whether or not it would be beneficial to the  company’s overall success. Some examples of possible changes might be:

Production of a new product or service
Change in production process
Change in organizational structure or departmental structure of the business
Change in software or other technology used by the business

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SWOT Analysis -Module 2
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You have been asked by your employer to create a SWOT Analysis and  hierarchical chart to determine the effects this change would have on  the company, and to offer your recommendations for the best course of  action to implement this change. 
You can use the following SWOT Template to get started.
Please be sure to include the following:

Explain the change the company is contemplating.
Be sure to include at least three points in each section of the SWOT table.
Create a hierarchical chart to show the framework of which  positions would be involved in this change and who would report to whom.
Based on your findings of the Strengths, Weaknesses,  Opportunities, and Threats, write your detailed recommendations for the  best way to implement the change. Be sure to discuss how the company  might use its strengths to bolster its weaknesses, and then discuss how  the opportunities might help to offset the threats. 

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