Sugar is a common name of substances that are white, soluble in water, fermentable and generally sweet, containing carbon, oxygen and hydrogen in its composition, extracted from the juice or starch of the roots and roots of many plants such as sugarcane, sugar beet, carrot, maize, date, grape, wheat, and potatoes. Sugar has various types such as sucrose, lactose, maltose, laevulose, fructose, glucose, and starch. Sucrose from sugar beet and sugar cane is the sugar that used in daily life.
Aside from the sugar we take with fruits, vegetables and natural foods, added sugar is the main cause of many health problems. The main focuses of this article will be the damages sugar causes to our physical and mental health along with the why and how to quit sugar. Effects on Physical Health All forms of sugar such as corn syrup, honey, maple syrup affect the body somehow. The body cannot handle a very high amount of processed sugar.
The basic organs are severely damaged by the consumption of this poor-quality sugar. Sugar alone is not a group of food itself. However, as expected, sugar is present in most foods by itself and does not contain any nutrients, proteins, fats and enzymes, and is the only empty calorie structure. There is no safe quantification of added sugar. Only natural sugar in fruits and vegetables is balanced with vitamins, fibers and enzymes, so the properties of fruits and vegetables slow down sugar digestion and help the body.

However, added sugar does not provide any benefit. Sugar, the trigger of many chronic illnesses, is found in the abundance of packaged foods, all kinds of pastries and sweetened drinks. In particular, health problems that are caused by the loss of sugar are frequently encountered in people who are constantly consuming intensively since childhood. Among the damages of sugar, the disorder of blood sugar balance comes first.
Sugar consumption which causes excessive secretion of the insulin hormone that makes blood sugar balance, causes the blood sugar to fall again due to such high insulin, which leads to many troubles. It is also known that this effect of sugar, which reduces the resistance of the body and makes all disease and disorders more open, is triggered by a long irreversible process.
As the consumption of sugar increases, more fat accumulates in the tissues and these fat tissues, which gradually cover the internal organs, also prevent the functioning of the organs. As a result, there are serious consequences from heart and vascular diseases to fatty liver, cancer, obesity and dysfunction in the organs.

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