Stranded: Gun and Injured Wolf

Frozen, with snow barricading the front door. Opening one old, rickety door took us more than ten minutes. We had physically exhausted ourselves, digging through the snow with our bare hands. Every inch of our bodies ached and all sensation had been lost. “Hurry up, It’s getting dark and I’m getting hungry. ” I shouted. “We need to find that weapon or something sharp! ” Squeaked Jim. I quickly decided to abandon the Idea of a rescue plan for the Injured wolf. This seemed a good Idea at the time due to everybody feeling the way they did.
We later found out that it was the wrong decision to leave the wolf injured and nearly paid with our lives. I decided to ask Scarlet and Jim if they minded that I was behaving as team leader without a vote from the group. As I was the strongest and oldest they were happy to agree. Our first night away from our parents wasn’t pretty. No food, no defense. What had started out to be a rescue mission for the Injured mammal; had already become ours. It was a long night, with the snow drifting Inside the cabin. We were out In the open and were fighting for our lives.
To survive we had to work as a team and be quick Through the shutters on the broken, rusty window was a distant figure. Suddenly he started to approach the cabin. “01… Who are you thinking you can trespass on my property! ” bellowed a strange voice in the background. “Hello? ” we all answered simultaneously. You could tell we were all petrified. I tried being fearless, but inside I trembled in my boots. I was hoping this was not apparent to the stranger, who I considered scary and looking like a hillbilly’s! I dread to think how Scarlet was feeling.

I could see her physically shaking. An old, wrinkly man appeared wrapped with layers of wool around him. His long, rough, black hair blew in the strong, icy wind. However I quickly noticed dripping on the floor was thick, black, blood, Just like on the injured wolf. Straight the way we stood, and were full of terror. Stranger danger! I could hear my mum reminding me in my head! We could never trust the man. I took a step back from Scarlet and Jim. They were frozen on the spot seeming to be glued to the floor. I quickly grabbed them towards me creating a little space.
We noticed he had a gun in is left leather pouch on his belt. We knew we were already at a disadvantage. Miracles do happen! With the sudden noise and movement of a wild boar on the cabin roof. The stranger became distracted. This was the moment to see if he was really a human! Quickly we all opened the shutters on the windows to let as much sunlight in as possible. It was our only chance. My nightmare became reality. The stranger was full of fury and howled like a beast. This exposed his disgusting, large, yellow fangs. His fingers sprouted claws of a wolf.
We all knew he wasn’t human, neither mammal. He was a werewolf. Typically we had learnt something valuable in school regarding how to kill a werewolf. We new the sunlight weakened him. He stood tall as if he felt in charge. The gun from the leather pouch dropped when the sunlight hit him. We all scrambled for the gun. Scarlet was the quickest and released a few rounds of bullets. The werewolf hesitated and ran for his life. Scarlet thought she had missed but remembers Mrs. Hilton saying “Only one silver bullet will kill a werewolf; nothing other than. ”

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Stranded: Gun and Injured Wolf
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