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Listed below are the annual tuition amounts of the 10 most expensive colleges in a country for a recent year. What does this “Top 10″ list tell us about the population of all of that country’s college tuitions?  
Give the Mean, the Midrange, the median and the mode


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Statistics homework help : My Essay Gram
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An insurance institute conducted tests with crashes of new cars traveling at 6 mi/h. The total cost of the damages was found for a simple random sample of the tested cars and listed below. Find the (a) mean, (b) median, (c) mode, and (d) midrange for the given sample data. Do the different measures of center differ very much?
$7520, $4851, $9105, $6289, $4338
Statistics are sometimes used to compare or identify authors of different works. The lengths of the first 10 words in a book by Terry are listed with the first 10 words in a book by David. Find the mean and median for each of the two samples, then compare the two sets of results
Terry: 2  2  3  8  9  2  3  5  10  2
David: 4  2  3  1  3  1  3  3  3  4
I have a total of 20 questions similar to these.  I need them completed by 4pm tomorrow.




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