statical concepes that you will learn after completing : My Essay Gram

MATH 221 Statistics for Decision Making

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statical concepes that you will learn after completing : My Essay Gram
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Week 2 iLab




Statistical Concepts that you will learn after completing this iLab:

·      Using Excel for Statistics

·      Graphics

·      Shapes of Distributions

·      Descriptive Statistics

·      Empirical Rule



Week 2 iLab Instructions-BEGIN


Ø  Data have already been formatted and entered into an Excel worksheet.


Ø  Obtain the data file for this lab from your instructor.


Ø  The names of each variable from the survey are in the first row of the Worksheet. This row has a background color of gray to identify it as the variable names. All other rows of the Worksheet represent a certain students’ answers to the survey questions. Therefore, the rows are called observations and the columns are called variables. On page 6 of this lab, you will find a code sheet that identifies the correspondence between the variable names and the survey questions.


Ø  Follow the directions below and then paste the graphs from Excel in the grey areas for question 1 through 3. Type your answers to questions 4 through 11 where noted in the grey areas.  When asked for explanations, please give thorough, multi-sentence or paragraph length explanations.


Ø  PLEASE NOTE that various versions of Excel may have slightly different formula commands.  For example, some versions use =STDEV.S while other versions would use =STDEVS (without the dot before the last “S”). 


Ø  The completed iLab Word Document with your responses to the 11 questions will be the ONE and only document submitted to the dropbox. When saving and submitting the document, you are required to use the following format: Last Name_ First Name_Week2iLab.


Week 2 iLab Instructions-END






Creating Graphs


1.     Create a pie chart for the variable Car Color: Select the column with the Car variable, including the title of Car Color.  Click on Insert, and then Recommended Charts.  It should show a clustered column and click OK.  Once the chart is shown, right click on the chart (main area) and select Change Chart Type.  Select Pie and OK.  Click on the pie slices, right click Add Data Labels, and select Add Data Callouts.  Add an appropriate title.  Copy and paste the chart here. (4 points)













2.     Create a histogram for the variable Height. You need to create a frequency distribution for the data by hand.  Use 5 classes, find the class width, and then create the classes.  Once you have the classes, count how many data points fall within each class. It may be helpful to sort the data based on the Height variable first.  Create a new worksheet in Excel by clicking on the + along the bottom of the screen and type in the categories and the frequency for each category.  Then select the frequency table, click on Insert, then Recommended Charts and choose the column chart shown and click OK.  Right click on one of the bars and select Format Data Series.  In the pop up box, change the Gap Width to 0.  Add an appropriate title and axis label.  Copy and paste the graph here. (4 points)














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