Sociology Discussion

Discussion #8: McDonald’s in Hong Kong
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For this discussion complete the following tasks on the “McDonald’s in Hong Kong”.

Pick a stance on the question that frames Watson’s article: Are fast food chains helping to create a homogenous “global” culture better suited to the demands of a capitalist world order? Are we Americanizing other countries by exporting cultural products such as McDonald’s?  Would such cultural leveling be a good or a bad thing?  Use specific information/examples from the article to support your stance; you can supplement this with observations from your own life if you’d like.  Post your own stance on these issues of cultural diffusion, leveling, and imperialism by Saturday.
After you’ve posted your argument, read the responses of your classmates and find someone who wrote a stance that differs from yours. Respond to their post and explain why they make a good argument by Sunday. You’ll have to use your sociological imagination to step back and see someone else’s perspective. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with the argument; you can still point out things you think your classmate should consider.  But you should point out strong aspects of the argument.

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Always keep in mind that the best posts/responses directly incorporate specific references to course material (with citations) and specific sociological terminology.

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