Sociological Analytical Theories

SOCIOLOGICAL ANALYTICAL THEORIES Name:Stanley Mutagurwa Professor: Arlis Barclay Course:SOC291 Date:October 17th 2012 Sociological analytical theories are ideologies based on observation and empirical analysis of societies and their behavior. We have come to learn more about societies and their behavior through the use of different sociological analytical theories. However, some theories have lost favor from people due to changes in both time and space while others have widely been accepted by the public sphere as a whole as they stand upon values well supported by people at large.
The theories have contributed to increased knowledge on the society status and the social behaviour tremendously. In this review, I have analyzed the social status of New York regarding their view on homosexuality, and how it has affected the behavior of the society members using a press release on the suspension of a Blue Jay shortstop, Yunel Escobar. The suspension is as a result of the slur eye black he had on his face before the game commenced. The slur gave an impression of indifference to the gay people all around North America. The eye-black sticker reduces the sun’s glare hence it’s worn under the eyes.
The purpose of this article will be to outline a sociological analytical theory approach to the study on the understanding of homosexuality in New York, and the influence homosexuality has brought to the members of New York. In the course of this study, the presentation of the assumptions and concepts of the social theories will resurface clearly. The article will focus mainly on Five sociological theories recognized and analyzed. The sociological theories are; Functional, critical, symbolic interactionism, postmodernism and feminism theories.

In the newspaper, Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar comes into the Toronto playground wearing a homophobic slur under his eyes. The slur, written in Spanish, results in a three-game suspension for Yunel Escobar from playing. The words “TU ERE MARICON” are the words inscribed on the sticker worn by Escobar which is a homophobic slur in Spanish. This press release reveals the functionality of the team officials. The functional theory brings about aspects of order and stability of a society, and this leads to a consensus on what deems expedient and worthwhile.
It embraces the ideology of evaluation and ranking of a society according to performance. Functional theory depends on a stratification method in which a society can be ranked in a social system depending on the existing common value system. The best successful performer in terms of productivity and development, receives high ranking and legible to rewards and accordance of prestige as a form of gratitude due to personification of the societal common values. In the Newspaper, a meeting between team officials emerges meant to discuss the actions of Escobar in relation to his sticker on homophobia.
The General Manager, Alex Anthopoulos and manager John Farrell flank Escobar, resulting to his public apology. This reveals transparency and a call on integrity. The managers are committed to providing improved moral values in the community. Thus, players will learn from the punishment of Escobar, outlining the officials as responsible leaders. Every society has its own common values which, if followed to the point, support the survival and operation of a society efficiently. This entails proper allocation of roles to each respectively, training them and reminiscent satisfaction through effective provision of their daily needs.
Social stratification is one of the mechanisms emergent from the article done by assigning roles to respective people, that is, a general manager and a manager, and the disciplinary committee which handled the case of Escobar. This gives confidence to the people on their team leaders against any verbal abuse from any member of the community. The team officials decide to assign the Escobar’s forfeited salary to the ‘you can play and the Gay & Lesbian Allegiance Against defamation, a great sign of concern for the gay community.
In the article, postmodernism highly outlines the technological development of the state. Postmodernism produces new social and political theories, refers to several and different economic, political, social and cultural transformations. Postmodern social transformation can be brought about by technologies such as media, computers, and change in socioeconomic system and innovated forms of knowledge. It involves higher stages of capitalism, which produces increased fragmentation of the culture, new mode of experience and different traditions.
The use of media to present the general conference held by the officials, and the public apology of Escobar to Newyork is a clear impression of an improved technology in New York. The Baseball commissioner Bud Selig observes that the Major Baseball League officials embrace postmodernism in terms of adopting new ideologies and social responsibility. This also comes out through the innovation of new ideologies, educating and training the people on the rules of Major Baseball League to avoid mistakes based on illiteracy. Escobar proofs to be in the era of Modernism by pleading guilty based on his lack of knowledge on social responsibility.
There are only men involved in this article as it evolves around men. Male dominancy in sports is emergent from the article study. The slur under Escobar’s eyelids simply brings out an effeminate ideology. Female sport leader’s appear nowhere in the article. The Feminist theory is an outstanding contemporary sociological theory, which studies the male and female social status in a given society, purposely, to better the lives of women. It strengthens and empowers women by outlining how they have contributed to the society. The newspaper outdoes feminism by supporting homosexuality.
Men tend to survive and work alone in the community without assistance from women. Homosexuality has not been adopted by everyone. Culturally, homosexuality erodes, debases and degrades moral values traditionally. Symbolic interactionism is a perspective that depends on the symbolic impression that people develop from the process of social interaction. The Major Baseball League officials express their feelings in an open stage conference, whereas the Baseball commissioner Bud Selig complements the judgement taken on Escobar.
The judgement gives an impression of a situation handled appropriately and promptly, says Bud Selig, the Baseball commissioner. Integrity, humility and emotion control are some of the moral standards evident from the article. Escobar apologizes publicly and says that his statements are illiterate and ignorant. Escobar tries to remain harmlessly composed and humble before the National Television thus giving a confusing impression to the public regarding his former statements.
Critical theory aimed at critiquing a society, changes the way of thinking of the society, based on the whole societal changes towards creating more dynamic ideologies. The theory entails studies that go beyond the surface of social relations and reveals the conclusions that hinder us from getting the true understanding of how the society operates. Through the newspaper, we come to a better understanding of how North America supports homosexuality. The reactions on the sticker with a slur reveals that there are many people in North America supporting homosexuality as the story forms the wallpaper of the Newspapers in Toronto.
In conclusion, the theoretical study of this article brings out NewYork as a homosexual supporting state, against homophobia. The punishment from the officials brings out the transparency required in leadership. Escobar’s public apology reveals a high standard of integrity and humility which gives a lesson to the society in cases of conflict resolution. Feminism is to be encouraged ans supported, thus women should be brought aboard in sports leadership as they can bring an influence to the sports industry through leadership.

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