Should Parents Physically Discipline Their Children

Jamie Dukes Dr. Early English 104 April 13, 2009 Should Parents Physically Discipline Their Children? Should parents physically discipline their child for doing something wrong? I say yes! I think physically discipline one’s child will correct behavior problems, improve grades, and help them to become well mannered; but I am going to let the Bible’s point of view answer this question. The history of the Bible says, “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction shall drive if far from him” (Proverbs 22:15).
The Hebrew word for “foolishness” does not speak of “playful mischief. ” It speaks of “an inability to discern what is good. ” Children (with their limited knowledge and experience) are not able to discern what is best for them. For example, a two year old may want ice cream for breakfast, because he has no understanding of balanced nutrition. Small children need to be told what to do, and not asked if they want to do it. And then, as they increase in years an experience, gradually, they should be allowed to make more and more decisions on their own. (DeVitio 69. 4)
According to my research I found at least six Bible verses that included discipline, but to name a few. He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes (Proverbs 13:24) Withhold no correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall die. (Proverbs 22:13) Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell. (Proverbs 23:14) and the last Bible verse I could find had the same qualities of disciplining a child; the rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child to himself bringeth his mother to shame. Proverbs 29:15) It can be argued that most conservative Protestants believe that the Bible is completely accurate and inerrant-free. The passages in Proverbs probably accurately and precisely portray Solomon’s parenting style (Was a man in the Bible). As an adult, Solomon’s son Rehoboam, was viscious, unfeeling, insiderate to his subjects, had no regard for human rights, and was widely hated. He barely escaped assassination at the hands of his own people (“Child” 13).

Perhaps the Bible’s true message here is: These points of view are from the Bible, but I wanted to know the point of view from others as in every day people who walk around with their kids to supermarkets or stores, so I decided to conduct some research to see if people obey or abide by the rules of the Bible. For my field observation, I visited three places; Bi-Lo, a High school basketball game, and in Sumter, SC. February 6, 2009 Time: 6:30 P. M – 9:00 P. M. I went to basketball game and found myself talking to other people.
The lady told me, “that she beats her children because they are acting the fool and she knows that if she beats them, they will act better. ” The lady also knows that beating them at their age now will prevent them from being disobedient and troublemakers. I asked a very old man who has adult children now, and I asked him about would he be beat his granddaughter. He told me “yea…because if she actin’ she going to get punished for it. ” Friday, February 7, 2009 Time: 10:00 A. M – 11:00 A. M. At Bi-Lo I was walking around to see who was in the store. Then I browsed some of the food.
I saw the little boy and without his mother; I was wondering was the little boy with someone, but I didn’t know who to ask. So a few a minutes later his mother came up to her son with an expression on her face as if it were say,”utter disappointment. The boy’s mother told him when she gets home she was going to get him!. So right before the lady left with her son, I asked, does she physically beat her son? She was like yea! I’m gonna beat his tail” I asked her why? And she said, he was actin act up. ” February 9, 2009 (Time: 2:00 P. M – 4:00). When I came back to school on the weekend after spring break, I visited the Sumter Mall.
And since I was here I thought I could use this mall as part of my experience. First I visited the ToysRus in Sumter. This was kind of interesting environment where lots of children were running around begging their parents, they want one or the other toy, and the parents are constantly telling the child no. this causes some of the children to want to rebel l from their parents and act up. I found this kid playing a demo video game in the console games department, and he was enjoying himself until his mother called him. He didn’t seem to want to move, so he figured he could play just a little bit longer.
His mother called him again. The boy still didn’t move so the mother walked real fast to the boy and grabbed his ear. She got his attention this time. I didn’t get a chance to ask the lady does she physically discipline her child but as soon as I entered the parking lot, I was shocked because this lady was whipping her son like there was no tomorrow! Based on the observations, I believe that discipline one’s child will correct behavior even if it’s just for a little while. The main goal as a parent or guardian is to want their child to behave accordingly, and if you know that physically beating for that reason is fine.
But one must not over step their boundaries, physically discipline can also lead to child abuse (Neifert 14. 6). These things can get tide up in the law and you may be just battling for your child. When you discipline your child you should let your child know, then till them if they do it they do it again, the same discipline will be taken. Telling one’s child they will do it means that they will do it means that as parents they need to keep their word just as the Bible said! I interviewed two persons. The first person was Sentoria Felder.
I think she is a good candidate for this interview because I think she’s a Christian at heart with a firm belief in the Bible. So I asked her a series of four questions to answer. Question #1: Do you think children should be physically disciplined? Why or why not? She answered yes, because it shows how much you care about the child. It’s sort of like a wakeup call. Question #2: How effective do you think disciplining a child can be? She answered, It can be very effective and it should be because it can prevent the child from being on a dangerous path. Question #3: What age do you think it should start?
Why or why not? She answered, When they are old enough to start walking and getting into things. Question #4: What age should it stop? Why or why not? She answered, As long as the children are still in the parents care or house. The second and last person I interviewed on campus is Richard Jones. I chose Richard because I felt as if he doesn’t have that many standards or as in a way to discipline a child so he agreed that I would interview him. I told him to say what was on his mind. I asked Richard the same series of questions I asked Sentoria. Question #1: Do you think children should be physically disciplined?
Why or why not? He answered, Yes, because when you show a child discipline, they know that you mean business and therefore they will give you respect. Question #2: How effective do you think disciplining a child can be? He answer, It can be very effective because if you discipline them for doing something bad, they’ll know not to repeat the same thing next time. Question #3: What age do you think it should start? Why or why not? He answered, When a baby is able to move on their ass. (Meaning when they crawl, they play with things that are harmful). Question #4: What age should it stop?
Why or why not? He answered, When they out more, because then they’ll have to deal with the real world consequences. For the interview, I think that was successful. I also had conducted surveys to 33 people, who were on campus. This is my analysis of the surveys. For Question #1, out of a possible 33 people; 29 said that children should be physically disciplined. The remaining persons said that children should not be physically disciplined for that there are other disciplinary methods. Based on this information I can conclude that many children receive discipline, but it doesn’t have to physical.
For Question #2, out of a possible 33 people; (a whopping 100 percent) said that disciplining a child can be very effective. I can conclude that disciplining can be a tool to help children, but it must be enforced by the parent or guardian. For Question #3, out of a possible 33 people; 16 people said that there is no real starting age for a child to be disciplined. The remaining persons said that discipline comes at about 3 years of age. I can conclude that disciplinary action comes when the child has done something wrong for the parent to discipline them.
For Question #4, out of a possible 33 people; 20 people said that being physically disciplined should stop at the age of about 18 years of age. The remaining persons said that the age a parent should stop disciplining a child is when children are mature and grown. Therefore they are independent with their own responsibilities. I can conclude that children should stop being physically disciplined when they know right from wrong and they do not engage in wrongful activities or anything that would cause them to be physically disciplined.
In conclusion, it is with this information that has been given that I feel that physical discipline should be used. Physical discipline instills a sense of what’s right and wrong and it prevents in most cases, children from continuing to commit wrongful acts. There was a time in my life where I physically disciplined and now that I am older, I understand the concept of physical discipline and the effect it had on me and the effect it has on children that is implemented on.
The Bible is the longest existing book in history that also has truth to it and I know that the Bible has the answer to every problem that anyone has. I think physically discipline one’s child will correct behavior problems, improve grades, and help them to become well mannered, productive citizens. This is why I think children should physically disciplined. Works Cited “Child Corporal Punishments: Spanking:”What is The Rod? ” “Mentioned in Proverbs” Google 2009. Feb. 2007http://www. religioustolerance. org/pking13. htm Di Vito, Robert A. Biblical Theology: Issues, Methods, and Themes. (Book Review). Theological Studies 69. 4 (Dec 2008): 922(2). General One File. Gale. Morris College. 1 Mar. 2009 <http://find. galegroup. com/ips/start. do? prodId=IPS> Felder, Sentoria. Personal Interview. 6 Mar. 2009. Jones, Richard. Personal Interview. 12 Mar. 2009 Neifert, Marianne. “No More Disciplines Traps. ”Parenting 14. 6 (August 2000): 88(4). General OneFile. Gale. Morris College. 6 Mar. 2009. <http://find. galegroup. com/ips/start. do? prodId=IPS> Proverbs: 19-23: 33-36. Holy Bible. KJV.

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Should Parents Physically Discipline Their Children
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