Sales and Inventory Systems

Yakult was introduced to the Philippines in 1978. Its popularity among Filipinos has significantly grown in the past 33 years. There are two main companies in the Philippines, the Yakult Philippines Incorporated (YPI) and Yakult Marketing Corporation (YMC). Yakult Philippines Incorporated (YPI), an independent company, is a manufacturer and wholesale retailer of Yakult products from Yakult Honsha Co. LTD Japan with a joint venture and shares of investment of 60% for Filipinos and 40% for the Japanese investors.
The factory is located in Barrio Makiling, Calamba, Laguna. They have twenty-five distributors from Luzon to Mindanao, supplying the whole country especially wholesale clients. The Yakult Marketing Corporation (YMC) retails their products and incorporates the Yakult Lady System that started in Metro Manila and NCR, then adapted by distributors all over the country. The Prohealth Sales Distributor Corporation which is the exclusive Yakult distributor in La Union started its operation in March 15, 2004.
The Company orders its stocks from the Yakult Philippines Incorporated (YPI) and also adapted the Yakult Lady system of the Yakult Marketing Corporation (YMC). There are three branches in La Union and the Main Office is located in Bauang, La Union. The other branches are in Agoo which started in 2005 and Bangar that recently opened last 2011. The Main office receives the stocks ordered from YPI, and then distributes it to the other two branches.

For the wholesale, the main office sells the product to all establishments that intend to resell the product. They deliver the products depending on the order or demand of the client. Every day, the main office deliver stocks to the Yakult Ladies, some just go directly to the main office to pay the stocks unpaid so that they can order again. There is an official receipt issued by the main office to the Yakult Ladies that is being manually recorded in order to make the daily sales and collection report at the end of the day.
Making the sales report for the Yakult Ladies is a part of the motivational factor, for them to know how much they profit or loss of income and why their sales are going down. It will also become the basis of the company for how much promotional support they will give on the month of December in terms of gifts and other benefits. All the three branches make the daily sales report, the branch in Agoo and Bangar upload and send its reports in the main office in order to be compiled in the Main office. The sales report is made by the company’s secretary, and then thoroughly checked y the supervisor. The computation of the sales report is made in order to compute the sales and profit of the company. The inventory count of stocks must tally onto the sales report in order for the company to monitor the number of stocks distributed day by day. If the sales report and inventory count did not tally, then the processes must be repeated until they meet tally. Hence, the study was proposed to help the processes in Prohealth Distributor Sales Corporation easier, faster and to refrain from human error.
Due to growing number of employees, the sale monitoring system if done manually was a lot to handle and time consuming. They need a computerized sales monitoring and inventory system that will make the computation tasks faster. Aside from its accuracy, the proposed system also aims to enhance and provide a better way to store information in a secured manner. The study will be implemented first in the Main Office of the Prohealth Sales Distributor Corporation La Union in order to pilot test the system software being proposed.

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Sales and Inventory Systems
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