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Hence, Brannon has very strong leader-member relations. Second, task structure must be analyzed In a course of four 1. Can a decision be demonstrated as correct? Steps: 2. Are the requirements of the task understood by everyone? 3. Is there more than one way to accomplish the task? 4. Is there more than one correct solution? Based on the environment that Brannon has created at Virgin, assumptions can be made about situational traits. Brannon makes sure that he acknowledges his employees’ hard work.
That means when a decision Is correct, the appropriate staff ill be praised for making the correct decision. Brannon also encourages his management to continue to challenge employees to come up with new creative ideas to attack the present situation. This means not only will employees understand the task requirements, but they will also be encouraged to find alternate ways to accomplish the task as well as alternate solutions. Using the Graph below, when Richard Brannon keeps a situation at moderate control his effectiveness as a leader and fearlessness as a leader Is maximized.
If you have a demoralized staff your company will soon disappear” (Management Skills 1: leadership and motivation). Motivation is the process that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. Richard Brannon has never lacked self motivation as a result of continuously creating and seeking new challenges to overcome. Brannon transcends his natural self motivation into his unique, hands off management style which emphasizes employee Job happiness and comfortable relationships.

Self motivation was never an issue in Abrasion’s career as an entrepreneur and business man. From starting Student magazine at age 16 to creating a dominant rower in the recording industry, Brannon always had a desire to seek out new challenges. This may have rooted from his parents because they did not view his learning troubles as a limitation and encouraged him to find and pursue his venture, Student Magazine, his convictions were the underlying motivator. Brannon wanted people to hear his views and was willing to exude hard work in order to assure this happened.
Brannon soon began to feel a sense of enjoyment and purpose–a major theme in all of Abrasion’s motivation techniques– which transitioned his efforts into the music and recording business. Of course, love and passion is not always a the best self motivator if success is never attained. Thus, Abrasion’s second key to self motivation is moving forward, rather than moving back. For example, in the wake of the U. KS recession of the sass’s Brannon had a choice to consolidate or keep growing.
In response Brannon bought two night clubs and invested profits back into his music industry in order to create success and limit losses. The third key for Brannon was to always have goals. Once current goals are attained, new goals must be formed. This is demonstrated as Abrasion’s goals were reddened from creating one of the world’s most respected brand to investing in large-scale philanthropic endeavors such as the creation of Virgin Unite. Finally, perhaps the most appropriate rule to Abrasion’s success: “Screw it. Let’s do it” (Brannon)!
When one man owns a record company, a soft drink company, and is pursuing space tourism there self motivation must never be deficient. Abrasion’s self motivation is an extension of how he motivates others. Despite running such an extensive array of companies, he takes on a very “hands-off,” management style. He says, “l don’t look at any figures or projections, if he [Patrick Ezekiel] wants to do it that’s fine by me. That’s very much the approach we take, there’s a lot of trust” (Management Skills 1: leadership and motivation). The trust he displays in his management demonstrates that Brannon is a Theory Y manager.
Theory Y managers assume employees can view work as being natural behavior and are committed to the objective. They tend to be less controlling and have a more hands-off approach. As a result, Brannon believes that his management can do their Jobs to the best of their ability without his constant supervision. In addition, Brannon has a knack for surrounding himself with a very capable staff and creating a work environment in which they thrive. ” Although Brannon is “hands-off,” he does create a particular environment that is very affective in motivating his employees.
He does this by participating in lots of direct personal communication with his employees. Even though he is a corporate leader, he displays compassion for all employees in the Virgin family and pushes them to become leaders themselves. An example of this is Abrasion’s involvement in public relations. Whether its extreme stunts or press leases, Brannon sets aside 25% of his time for public relations. He explains, “If your staff works enormously hard to create something they are proud of, it’s foolish if you don’t let the world know about it. This social involvement gives his employees the impression that Brannon greatly appreciates his employees’ success and hard work. Certainly an employee will be more motivated to work extremely hard for Brannon and Virgin, if Brannon is doing the same for that employee. Analyzing Abrasion’s motivational techniques more closely, Mascots Needs Pyramid comes to mind. Brannon looks past physical needs and safety needs, or at least assumes these will be taken care of. Instead, Brannon focuses his efforts most on social and esteem needs.
For example, Virgin attempts to fulfill employees’ social needs by holding a party employees, whether they are security guards or executives. This not only gives employees a chance to associate socially outside of a work environment, but also links employees regardless of social status. He also targets esteem needs. According to Richard Brannon, “Junior people are as important as senior employees. Staff should e praised, not criticized they know when they have done something wrong” (Management Skills 1: leadership and motivation).

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