Responses needed

Need a 200 words minimum response for each with reference by Thursday morning.

Text: Preparing Effective Business Plans, Ch. 8

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Responses needed
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Why is the “management team and company structure” section referred to as pivotal in a business plan?
To what degree does the way a firm assembles its management team provide an indication of the extent to which the managers of the firm are open to advice and are able to generate enthusiasm for their firm?
Why is it important to show how a company will evolve in regard to the composition of its management team?
Why do investors tend to prefer management teams members who have worked together before?
Describe what a management team skill profile is and how it is set up.
Why is it important to fully disclose the ownership structure of a new venture and the compensation of the members of its management team in the business plan?
What are some of the common mistakes to avoid in putting together an initial management team?
What role does a company’s board of directors play in its overall management team?
What is a board of advisors? What role does a board of advisors play in the management of a firm?

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