Response needed for “The reality of slavery” 1 paragraph or less

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The day in the life of a slave  during that period of our U.S history was obviously tough beyond  imagination. Slaves worked mostly on plantations and farms 12-15 hours a day against their  will from sunrise to sunset. There was no pay given to them in exchange  for the work and they were considered less than human by slave owners  and many white people who were not slave owners. They were often  whipped, beaten, and degraded for no reason at all other than to keep  them from standing up to their “masters”. They were sold and traded as  property, tearing them away from family. 
Slaves experienced different types lives depending on where they were  or what type of plantations they were working on. As an example a  slaves could be found working in groups or individually. It was also  common for some slaves to have a certain number of tasks to complete in a  day before they were allowed to quit or in some cases they simply had  to continue to work until their “master” said they were done. Working  conditions were worse than others depending on what type of crops were  being grown. Rice plantations were known to have poor working conditions  which is why they had different structure for their slaves. 
Introduction to U.S. History, 2015, Open Stax Text

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Response needed for “The reality of slavery” 1 paragraph or less
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