Respond 1:

 The objective of an operation as reflected in a linear relationship is the objective function. It always includes the minimizing or maximizing of a value. Constraints are a set of unknows that control the value of the objective function but does not have to include all the unknowns. The function of the constraint is to act as a limitation that will likely be encountered in the real world. Not all the variables will be restricted by a constraint, so it is not applicable to all variables. As an example, question 2 of the homework has a demand constraint of 5 chairs per day, which would not apply to the tables. 

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Respond 2:

 he objective function is used to model what is being maximized or minimized – goal of the company, company’s mission. In order to find the optimal solution, a company must look at their limiting factors, constraints. For example, if they were producing tables and chairs the amount of material they have on hand would be a constraint. Constraints do not always have to apply to both variables depending on the company’s intended goal. For example, they may want to produce a minimum of 5 chairs which only includes one of the two variables.  

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