responding to peers


1. Choose two of your classmates who included suggestions that you would not use in the classroom.  

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responding to peers
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2. Explain to your classmates why you would not use their chosen strategy and why you would approach this with a different method. 

As a reminder, the Discussion Forum is a venue for academic thoughts.  Please be respectful with your responses.

Peer 1
  In the classroom

Sitting the   classroom
With things or objects that the children can   relate from their home or other places.
This promote   language and literacy by
Following direction   of two or more
Steps that relate to   familiar object and experiences.

Magnet squares   and small cars in the block area. The children learn how magnets stick   together in making a tower and they learn sizes math and science. Children   learn by placing cars in a row, counting, and matching.

Meal Time,   children will communicate with each other and the adult at the table.
   In the outdoor environment

Taking a walk   in the neighborhood will consist of real-life experience. They will notice   the meaning of being safe with guidance. Getting fresh air and exploring the environment.
Looking and touching   the
Nature that’s around   the

Listen to   directions and using their five senses as they walk in the neighborhood.
Learning colors of   trees and flowers and words and shapes of signs. Using their
large muscle skills,   climb walk, and run.

Exploring the   environment. Notice the plants, colors of leaves.

  In the home

Bring the   environment of different type of objects the child can use for play, example,   block area.

Bring in the   environment of
What the children   relate to at school. Example, dramatic play and block area.

Children and   parents have a play date together,

Peer 2

  In the classroom

Dramatic play area –   will consist of children   recreating real-life experiences. They will use make-believe on a variety of   topics. When the children pretend,   they recall and recreate their past experiences. This is achieved by   picturing their past experiences in their minds. 

Blocks and   other materials will assist the children learn different sizes and shapes,   math concepts, and how to solve problems. When the children move or stack   blocks, they will learn about size and weight, and make decisions regarding   how to build.

Singing and   moving to the beat of the music provide the children an opportunity to move   freely, feel good about their body movement, and an opportunity to practice   new skills. Singing together as a   group enhances their ability to work as a group.
   In the outdoor environment

In the outdoor   environment, the children can discuss what is seen, heard, touched, and felt   to familiarize them with the weather changes, the different seasons, and   growth of plants and animals.

The children   like to play outside and do things such as running, climbing, or jumping   which exercise their muscles. Also, they can play freely and inhale a breath   of fresh air. They not only exercise their muscles but they can view nature   that surround them.
Using colorful cubes   provide the children an opportunity to use their imagination for building and designing.

Playing freely   outside allows the children to make new friends and use their imagination and   gross motor skills.

  In the home

Creating a   fort resemble dramatic play and is a fun activity in the home for encouraging   a make-believe world from the perspective of the child

Collect small objects   such as rocks, seashells, or leaves. Suggest that the child sort the   different shapes of the seashells or those of the same size. Encourage the   children to explain their design or why things are grouped together.

Inviting classmates over for   parties or playdate is a good way for them to make friends with other   children.

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