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Rama and Sita’s marriage is a beautiful one and although it was set in the 5th century B.C.E, I would still strive to have a marriage like this one. The way they talk about each other and how they talk to one another is very beautiful and respectful. They truly want the best for one another. Whenever Rama was exiled for fourteen years, he did not want Sita to go with him because he would rather her stay in a comfortable and safe place. She refused and just wanted to be with him. She kept saying that she could not find refuge and would not be comfortable if she was not with him. This is very respectful and shows true love from both of them. Rama is selfless and wanted to put his wife’s needs first, but she wanted to be faithful and loyal to him wherever she was, which required her putting her personal desires aside. 

Rama and Sita’s marriage did not begin like a marriage would today. They had an arranged marriage, but ended up falling in love. In our society, arranged marriages do not happen. However, their relationship can be compared to the idea of marriage today. They value each other and are very selfless in their marriage. This is an important quality for any relationship and is the foundation for a good marriage. They show true love which is very important to have a lasting relationship. Although their marriage did not start the way most marriages would start today, Rama and Sita do uphold most of the same values as marriages do today. 

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