Research paper Critique Essay

Analysis Donna’s Disappointment What are the main issues in the case? The main issue in the case is Donna’s abilities are not good enough and can support her to be a district manager. She is not ready for it, lack of self-awareness and other awareness are typical aspects of lack of individual ability. In the other hand, she also can recover quickly from her emotional experience and do some right choice for those experience. Why did this problems/losses occur?
This article represent a story related to Diana, a restaurant manager, who had been irking for the restaurant for 12 years, from a waitress to general manager, was hindered her promotion due to her poor emotional intelligence with here subordinate, Emotional Intelligence Is a part of abilities and related to the understanding and use of emotions that affect social functioning. Self-awareness, other awareness, emotion regulation and use of emotions are some parts of emotional regulation. Emotion ability is very important for people.
If one can easily understand others’ emotions and control self-emotion, It will helps him/her to get alone well very with his/her boss or subordinates. Diana applied for the position of district manager, and thinking that was a good time to get promoted. But things are unpredictable, the result disappointed her, her boss told her that she could not be promoted as the district manager position was given to her colleague, whom Diana had trained herself and had only been working with the company for 3 years.

Diana was so disappointed and cry bitterly, a 3-year hireling worker had been granted the position of district manager before her, a 12-year worker, she felt so suffer from injustice. Lack of Self-awareness After the first time Diana had not been promoted, she was told by her supervisor that she needed to work on her social skills with her staffs. During another visit from her boss, she suggested Diana to be more friendlier to her staffs. Diana should realize her poor social skills might be the high turnover in staffs she has been experiencing.
She had better to take the advice that her boss Julie gave to her about fostering stronger people skills. With these records of poor social skills and large turnover among staff at her restaurant, her boss would not let her In take charge of training ewe managers. 1 OFF Donna’s abilities is weak, not because of her working attitude and efficiency, but her lack of self-awareness and other awareness. Diana has showed on several occasions that she is very inflexible to her staff when it comes to company policies and procedures.
She working hard during these years and did a very good Job in in creasing sales and get many customers complaints. She had high standards for both herself and employees,and never think she should bend the ruled for anyone, no matter good employees or bad. She had very strict rules for employees and whoever an not complete, it’s the time for him to find a now Job. She never be friendly to her employees and makes her subordinates complains everywhere. Lack of Social-awareness Her boss, Julie has told her that her employees are call her “Ice maiden”.
Once Diana heard that, the most common reaction for her is to ask herself why they were thinking about her in such a sarcasm word. Diana should realize that she need to be chance and and be more friendlier, in order to set up a better working environment between her and her staffs. How to fix it? Emotional intelligence: Diana need to control her emotional well during her working experience, especially to her subordinates, in order to increase her emotional intelligence Diana can take some courses related to interpersonal skills, or writing down emotional experiences per week to aftertaste and reflect.
Self-awareness Diana should been more self aware and took the good advice during her work experience. She needs to improve her social skills with people immediately, may be she also need to learn how to communicate and work with others. Sometimes Diana might try to do some change in her way of management, don’t be that stubborn when owing her Job. She also need to aware that feedback from her customs and co- workers are very good for her to recognize herself in higher level, and fix it.
Conclusion and so what? In conclusion, Diana is a good manager but she is not ready for the promotion. Higher position means higher individual abilities. If Diana wants to walk further in her career, she need learn more about human resource management and social skills, she need to be more sociability and be good at listening to others’ advice. After improving herself, she would get the position that she need, but before that, she need to change her appearance.

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Research paper Critique Essay
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