Research Essay 2 of ENG106

Research Essay (See below for peer review dates: Final draft due: 2/27 ) Building on the six-word memoir you wrote and published in class, you will use the issue and hashtag a research paper that explores its significance from your own perspective, a popular perspective, and an academic perspective. Here are the things that you need to cover in your research essay: V Begin the first page with your image, six-word memoir and hashtag. Give an introduction to and provide background to the topic. The significance of the topic should be made clear here, and deciding who your audience is will be helpful to discussing significance. While it will be tempting, do not write a thesis statement here. (Due for peer review: 2/18) Show the significance of the topic in your life. Why did you choose to write about it-how does it affect you personally? (Due for peer review:2/18) V Show the how the topic is discussed and viewed in popular culture (how do you see it affecting other people on social media, the news, and the web?). (no peer review) v Show the significance of the topic from an academic perspective. What did you find in your library research? How does what you found speak to your experience and what you found in your popular research? (Due for peer review: 2/25) End your essay with a conclusion/discussion of your research findings. Here you can make new claims about the importance of your topic, why people should care, and how they should see it differently (and what the consequences could be if they don’t). (Due for peer review: 2/25) Reflection (No Peer review) This is not part of your essay, but it will be turned in at the same time. In this reflection, you will discuss your experience while developing this research project. Here are some questions that you will need to answer in your reflection: Why did you choose your topic? Describe the experience connecting your six-word memoir to a larger conversation via your hashtag? Did you find any challenges or surprises? Describe your experience conducting research. What were some differences in finding, evaluating and using popular sources vs. scholarly sources? Did you recognize any challenges in accessing information (i.e. free resources versus paid subscriptions)? What is the most important thing you learned that you expect will be useful in your future academic writing? What parts of the research/academic writing process do you feel like you still need practice with or have questions about? Requirements: V Your memoir and image should be at the beginning of your paper V Minimum 6 pages APA or MLA format APA or MLA citation guidelines V Minimum 5 popular sources V Minimum 2 scholarly sources Nore MLA formnt .

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Research Essay 2 of ENG106
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