Report On Marketing Structures

My psychology center will give All kind of psychology consultations from 4 different doctors of psychology. Our service includes private psychological sessions for children, students and adults solving problems such as panic and fears, depression and other mood disturbance problems, family or partnership problems, personal or emotional problems and others. Psychology for Business is also available as psychology testing of staff and psychology consultations for workers in big or small usiness companies.
Psychology center “Le Ciel” is based on the knowledge that people’s better understanding of themselves and others in their workplace can lead to lasting increased effectiveness and to professional and personal development and growth. Where will it be? I am going to rent an office in the center of the city with approximately 5-6 rooms. What type of business? As doctors are not allowed to limit their liability, the type of a business is partnership with four doctors of psychology involved, but with unequal control and unequal voting rights. The director of the center is Dr. Helen Shkrum.
How will it work? At first I am going to do an action (business) plan with the things I expect to do and achieve. What business problems do I have? – As it is the new business, the number of customers will be quite limited – A lot of money is needed to start the business – I need to hire professional staff and plan their salaries What can be the solutions? – At first I will advertise my business, as promotions helps to get both new clients and investors. I will include advertising a psychology center “Le CIEL” using business cards, posters, brochures, probably an advertisement on TV, in a news paper and making a Web site.

– I am going to plan financial matters so, that the profit will cover the costs: cash flow, loans from banks, creditors/financial records, details of pricing (break even point, rent and so on) -staff will contain of ap proximately 9 people: 3-4 doctors of psychology, 2 secretaries, 2 cleaners and a manager. Probably I will need to make an advertisement that will help me to find highly qualified staff. Decide on Business to use Looked at examples in Textbooks Make 10 questionnaires that will help to understand what do people think, what customers want and what is the target market. Give out 10 questionnaires to different people to fill in and then analyze the results. (Make a conclusion on what are the results, what should I change and so on.) Read about Lush vision and mission
Make a list of sources where I get information from. At first I have found sites about psychology centers in Europe and the USA and most information I have found on a Web site [1] I have also used such Business Studies books as “GCSE Business Studies-the Revision Guide” and a David Needham and Robert Dransfields book “Business Studies for you” I have also used information about psychology consultations, companies and my potential competitors from the “Yellow pages in Kiev”

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Report On Marketing Structures
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