“Reading and Writing Workshop”

Reading Planning Template

Common Core Standard(s)
Objective:What reading skill, strategy or behavior will you teach?Why are you teaching this to this group on this day?How will it help them as readers?
Classroom CultureIntroduce or review: Language, Procedures, Responsibilities
Set purpose for learning:What, Why, & How (from Objective above)

Introduction: Depending on purpose, vary the length and type of book introduction by reading stage (info on reverse)

Demonstrate teaching point:model,thinking aloud, andexplaining

Introduce/Review an Element of Classroom Culture

DURING READINGBriefly confer with one reader at a time, while other students are reading & practicing the strategy/skill on their own.
While conferencing:
Listen, observe, and take notes on what the readers are doing well & what they need support with.Affirm student’s problem solving attempts and successesReinforce the teaching point and/or teach a different reading behavior, skill or strategy (as necessary)Provide prompts and reminders to use strategies
AFTER READINGDiscuss and respond to the text
Reinforce teaching point& link to independent reading
Word work (optional)
Extensions (optional)

First Grade ELA Common Core Standards

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“Reading and Writing Workshop”
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Grade 1

Additional Information:

Guidelines for Book Introductions

Emergent Readers:Levels A-C.A thorough introduction is recommended, including a book walk using explicit language readers will find in the text
Early Readers:Levels D-I.A detailed introduction, but not a complete walk through, is necessary.The group can look over a few pages but discussion will not include a preview of what the actual text says.
Transitional Readers:Levels J-N.Offer a brief introduction. This can include looking at text features (back cover, table of contents, title, etc.) for clues as to what the book will be about, making connections to books by the same author or in the same genre, and/or making personal connections.
Fluent Readers:At Level O and AboveOnly a minimal introduction is necessary to refine and internalize students’ reading strategies.
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