Qatar’s Banking System

1. 0 Subject Area Strategic Management 2. 0 Project Proposal The paper will be an investigation of the major challenges that face Qatar’s banking sector. These problems will be analyzed and their possible solutions identified using strategic management theoretical framework. 3. 1 Background of Qatar’s Banking Sector Qatar’s banking sector has had great growth compared to that or the general Middle East region. Its stability guarded it form the global financial crisis that recently occurred. This is because of the close financial tiers that Qatar has with the Gulf region.
However, the aftershocks of this phenomenon affected it to some extent (Kamrava, 2009, p. 411). Generally, Qatar’s banking sector was the most impressive Gulf Cooperation Council markets since the last quarter of the year 2008. Issues of declining customer confidence, liquidity and a coerced reluctance to lend have been the major challenges facing this sector (Qatar Development Bank, 2008, p. 12). Lending restrictions by the Qatar Central Bank, such as a loan-to-deposit ratio of 90 percent, contributes to deepening of these challenges.
Islamic banking has been continuing to grow in this region in expense of the conventional banks which now view sharia-compliance as vital move to maintain their profitability. The government and Qatar Investment Authority have been trying to mitigate these problems to improve the overall performance (Qatar National Bank, 2009, p. 67). 3. 2 Aims of the study To identify and analyze the major challenges facing the banking sector of Qatar To determine the possible solutions to this problems using strategic management 3. Motivation for this subject area choice This topic is important for my future career prospects since I intend to invest in Qatar emerging market. I highly believe that the Qatar’s economy has unexploited potential in its banking sector. If exploited, this sector is capable of sending positive external benefits to the general economy increasing the viability of my investment prospects, due to financial availability amongst other efficiencies. 4. 0 Research Question 5. 3 What are the major challenges facing the banking sector of Qatar? . 4 Are these problems from within Qatar’s economy or from the regional / global economy? 5. 5 What are the possible solutions to this problems using strategic management? 5. 6 What are the impacts of solutions proposed to Qatar’s economy at large? 5. 0 Title Addressing challenges facing the banking sector in Qatar through strategic management 6. 0 Methodology The methodology employed for this paper will be both empirical and analytical in nature. In the analytical part, existing literature will be thoroughly scrutinized.

After this, a comprehensive list of challenges of Qatar’s banking sector and their possible solutions will be compiled. The empirical part will involve collection of statistical data relating to the banking sector. This information will then be analyzed by use of various statistical techniques. Type of data employed will include literature from other scholars, official statistics, industrial data and company data. This will be gathered from credible sources including libraries, databases, official guides, publications, and companies’ annual reports. . 0 Data collection methods They will include compilation of statistics, desk research, interviews, survey questionnaires and literature case studies. Secondary data will be highly employed since it is easily available and more detailed. Reference Kamrava, M. (2009), “Royal Factionalism and Political Liberalization in Qatar”, The Middle East Journal, Vol. 63, No. 3 pp. 401-420, Print. Qatar Development Bank, (2008), Annual Report, Print. Qatar National Bank, (2009, May), Qatar Economic Review, Print.

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Qatar’s Banking System
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