1400-1500 words
 • Define entrepreneurship, and cite your definition.  o Explain how entrepreneurs are likely to face extreme situations while working on their ventures.  • Describe the process perspective of entrepreneurship, and explain how entrepreneurial ventures change across time.  o Discuss the 3 phases of the process.  • Use specific examples from the text and other resources.   1. Read the following articles:  o Can entrepreneurship be taught? (2012, Mar 20). Wall Street Journal (Online). Retrieved from  o DeBaise, C. (2011, 2 14). Married to the job (and each other) – the pleasures and perils of running a business with your spouse. Wall Street Journal, p. R1.  o Kirkwood, J., & Tootell, B. (n.d.). Is entrepreneurship the answer to achieving work-family balance? (2008). Journal of Management and Organization, 14(3), 285-302.  o Thomas, H. (7). An electrical engineer’s circuitous path to entrepreneurship. Washington Post, The.  2. Read Abrams,  o Chapter/Step 3-4 Step Three: Identify your Talents and Passions . . . . . . . . . . 89 What do you build on? Explore and unlock your interests and abilities. Kindle inspiration for your “Aha!” moment. Special Section: 463 Business Ideas categorized by Interest Area. . . . 106  Step Four: Follow in the Footsteps of Success. . . . . . . . . 121 What works for others? Learn where other entrepreneurs find success now— discover the surprising opportunities

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