Projects 4

Course Project Assignment: Job Description and Specification

In Module 3, you embarked on the task of job design by creating a job analysis. In this module, you will continue with this task by writing a job description and developing a job specification for this same job. Using the job analysis you created in the previous module as a guide, write a job description for that same job. You may use Figure 7.2 in Chapter 7 of your course text as a model. Your job description should include:

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Projects 4
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  • Job title
  • 1- to 2-sentence description of the job (i.e., overview of role/major tasks)
  • Hours required of the job
  • A list of responsibilities (at least three)

Then, create a job specification that you might use for advertising this position. You may use Figure 7.4 in Chapter 7 of your course text as a model. Your job specification should include:

  • Job title
  • Qualifications (i.e., education, credentials, and/or certifications/licenses required) 
  • Experience needed
  • A list of responsibilities (at least three)
  • Hours and compensation 

Finally, write a paragraph in which you describe the following:

  • Where you might advertise this position (identify at least two specific places)
  • At least one additional method you might use to recruit candidates for this position

Submit an MS Word document containing your job description, job specification, and descriptive paragraph by Day 7 of Week 8.

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